About audio

audioguyA note on the audio sometimes presented with the blog posts.

Although it’s seldom very clear who has the copyright to many old calypso recordings, I’m quite certain it’s not me. I would presumably be allowed to publish a few tracks in accordance with the so called fair use doctrine. However, I will probably not do that very often, because of a very annoying trend in recent years. Namely, the rip-and-sell workings of a rising number of bogus “labels”, who make business out of grabbing mp3s from the public domain or from blogs run by music enthusiasts, packing them together in flimsy, purely digital “compilations” and selling them over at Amazon or through streaming services. I don’t want to feed these racketeers, not least since doing so will diminish the chances of serious reissue projects ever coming about. (The slackness of these activities has been pointed out by Professor Michael Eldridge in his excellent blog, more precisely in this post.)

So when I post music on the blog, it will either be in the form of Soundcloud links or clips manipulated to crunch their resale value. If anyone still believes that I’ve taken any unjust liberties, copyright- or otherwise, please feel free to contact me to discuss the matter.