Calypso in the market

Bear Family Records
Honest Jon’s
Ice Records
Some of the few labels reissuing calypso music today.

Listen to calypso music

Turning Point Sessions on Soundcloud
Afro Ritmo Records on Soundcloud
Danny Fitzgerald on Mixcloud
King Kong Disko on Mixcloud
Canicule Tropicale
Les Mains Noires
Music enthusiasts and DJs kind enough to provide us with nice mixes of vintage Caribbean music, and then some.

Calypso on WNYC
Deep in the archives of one of New York’s oldest radio stations, some amazing calypso shows were found, the earliest dating back to 1941. Great notes by Professor Michael Eldridge.

Calypso discographies

Calypso collector and pannist Zeke Runyon manages the hitherto most complete database of recorded calypso, steelband, soca and combos, based on the meticulous cataloguing works of Dmitri Subotsky and his now defunct site

Good reads

Working for the Yankee Dollar
A highly enjoyable blog hosted by Michael Eldridge, focusing on the impact of calypso music in mid-century U.S. Keep it going, Mike!

The Golden Age of Calypso
Carnival in Trinidad
Kaiso Newsletters
Dedicated calypso researchers Ray Funk, Richard Noblett and John Cowley have written tons on calypso history. Funk’s newsletters, issued between 1997 and 2004, are still a fine resource of the history and lives of both well known and lesser known calypsonians. Lots of lyrics and tips about then-newly released books and CD compilations.

Andreas Vingaard’s beautiful site features exclusive interviews with Camille E. Hodge (of Camille Records) and Clarence Curvan among others.

The Rum and Coca Cola Reader

A well traced chronicle of the most famous of calypso songs and how Lord Invader went to court to claim credit for it. Great photos and scans in there, too.

Road marches, monarchs and top calypsos
An inventory of calypso monarchs and road march winners throughout the years. Also listing the “Top 100 Calypsos of the 20th Century”, the result of a survey conducted by Kaisoca International in Toronto.

Muriel’s Treasue
Irwin Chusid’s collection of “calypso artifacts” which accompanied his excellent calypso podcast series which can still be accessed through this page.

Roaring Lion’s official website
A site dedicated to one of Trinidad’s most enduring calypsonians, run by his son, Akhenaton de Leon.

Lord Melody wiki-site
The world’s most passionate Lord Melody fan, Mike Spencer, has an ongoing project of charting the life and career of boo-boo man Fitzroy Alexander.

Shadow Lingo
Website dedicated to Mighty Shadow (Winston Bailey).

Guanaguanare’s lyrics resource
Here you might find the lyrics to your favourite calypso.

Mento Music
An honourably nerdy site devoted to Jamaican mento music, whose history overlaps calypso’s in many respects.

Big Drum Nation
Trini View
Collections of scholarly articles related to the history of T&T.