Philippe Noël’s Golden Age Mix – Part Two

August is here and it is high time to present the second part of DJ Philippe Noël’s wonderful mix of old time Trinidadian favourites. All scorching instrumentals this time. Kicking off with Norman Tex Williams, then moving smoothly into the sweet sounds of the orchestras and combos of Joey Lewis, Cyril Diaz, Fitz Vaughn Bryan, Errol Ince, Ansel Wyatt, Dutchy Brothers, and the rest of them good ol’ boys.

Take it away, Phil!

2 thoughts on “Philippe Noël’s Golden Age Mix – Part Two

  1. Hi, “Resting Buddha”! Philippe wanted it kept secret this time (as many DJs do). The mixes can also be found on his Soundcloud channel (Canicule Tropicale). Maybe you can post your request there. // The Lord

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